After several years since our first website we took the decision to completely redesign and add new features to our site.

We have invested in a major overhaul to the design and functionality, to offer our customers a richer online experience. Part of this revamp has included the introduction of a dedicated resources section when customers can download all of our important regulatory documents and supplier brochures. This should remove the need (and wasted time) of calling in to ask for information related to compliance, making our customers lives much easier. You will now also find our trade login at the bottom of the resources page.

The new design is very clean and was carried out by the expert team at RDM, who have worked closely with us from start to finish.

Along with the new site we have introduced Solidor and Residence 9 to our core product offering of Rehau and Spectus systems. This wider range of choice will put our customers in a better position to take on projects they may not have previously. You can read more about Solidor and Residence 9 on their respective pages.  

Andy Bell, Head of Sales said:

“We are very excited to launch the new website. It brings us even further forward and offers a new experience for our customers.”

Overall we believe the new website will enhance our customer experience, by saving time and offering more upfront value to new potential clients.